Fireworks exploding across the sky, loved ones kissing, cuddling, and shaking hands, and 50% of people pledging that 2021 is the year they finally lose weight/quit smoking/start a business/spend more time with family/live life to the fullest. At the start of the new year, thousands of brand new cars will be registered and many will vow it’s time to get serious, nix their Netflix subscription, and spend their evenings working to finally flee the 9:00 am – 5:00 pm job misery and do so much more.

Then in March, the gym goes back to being empty, the zealous, energetic young people who wanted to wake up from their job nightmares has now relented to embracing their jobs. Only a small fraction of people made a difference in their lives while the majority will remain pot-bellied, human beings who will still lose 50+ years of their life in the blink of an eye. Now, everyone wants to just show up anyway.

Here’s what you should do instead;

Let Go Of Those Resolutions

New year resolutions are events; I’ll stop smoking, lose some weight, get healthier relationships, and so much more. But we ignore the process, dedication, time, and character commitment that true self-improvement needs. 

Losing weight beyond words is a process; getting registered in a gym, speaking with an instructor, riding your store of junk and unhealthy food, consistently working out, believing in your abilities, and even encouraging yourself.

Quitting drinking is also a process; you have to make a conscious choice to do this, it could even require you undergoing therapy and healing. Saying β€œI’m gonna quit drinking today” with your supposed last bottle of beer in your hands isn’t an assurance.

If you follow events, you’ll be burned out and depressed,

If you follow processes, you’ll be fulfilled, carving out your desired life.


At this point, you’d agree with me that resolutions suck. Let them go!

Set SMART Goals

Turn those resolutions into goals, follow the processes. Be careful not to mistake short term goals for mid and long terms and vice versa. You can’t become a billionaire in a year, that should be a long term goal. Within this long term is mid and short term goals like monthly tasks and targets and day-to-day investment(in knowledge, finances, and skills). Most importantly, your goals must be SMART.

  • S for specific. Your goals must be certain and should link to a particular idea.
  • M for Measurable. You should be able to track your progress.
  • A for Achievable. There should be certain steps to take to turn your goals into results.
  • R for Realistic. Don’t set goals that can’t be possible, you’ll get depressed at the end of the day.
  • T for Time Bound. Imagine school assessment never have a duration, it will be taken less seriously. Set deadlines for each goal.

Have Fun

It’s not a bad idea to take out time from your busy schedule to hang out with friends, meet and chill, go for a party, organize one, stay up all night dancing and relaxing. You live healthier when you have fun because your brain constantly releases jolly chemicals that improve health. My most prized jewel, life isn’t that hard, enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Do It For You!

More than you know, YOU MATTER! Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. It’s a great virtue to be selfless but please take care of yourself.

Why are you losing weight? Why are you quitting your job? Why are you choosing to learn a new skill set?

Nobody can decide for you, every word from others is just a suggestion, do it for you. There’s no better way to lead a satisfying life and that’s on periodt!

Be Happy

Last year, I had to speak with so many people and despite their achievements and successes, a common trait was unhappiness. It’s not enough to live by world systems, you’ll be commended, and happy but it’s always only for a while. It will become stale in people’s eyes and suddenly everyone is waiting for your next big achievement and if that doesn’t happen, you’ll be like every other loser.

In my article about my beautiful imperfect life, you’ll realize that you have nothing to prove, just go at your pace and you’ll do great!

Be Accountable

Make every second count. Take responsibility for your life, review, restructure, and rebuild it. You have 365days, 52weeks, 12months, 1 year to put together an even better you. As long as you follow due process, you’ll do great.

Whenever you meet with friends and family, be sure to make it count, have extreme fun. Make memories of light and love.

This post might not look as organized as my previous posts but it’s exactly how I feel towards this new year. Here’s a gentle reminder, you’ve got this. You have all it takes, ignore the lies, you are enough.

Happy New Year!

Write to you soon, bye!


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  1. Hmmmmm…….. This is really captivating. I read the first line of any of these blogs and I just want to continue.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Nice.

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